Mind Resonance

We appreciate that the power of our thoughts can create positive or negative circumstances in our lives, and I’ve been writing about ways to raise your frequency through changing a negative thought to a positive one.  I wrote about the Flip Switch technique that I learned from Dr. Robert Anthony, a hypnotist and pioneer in brain plasticity.  He describes the Flip Switch as a way to take you from a low energy negative thought to a higher one.  Finding ways to flip switch your vibration in any given moment can make enormous differences in your life, because our thoughts get imbedded in our brain after only about 7 seconds, and they become patterns that alter our behavior.  The way to expunge a negative thought is to replace it with a positive memory – a memory that had a positive emotional charge.  When the positive memory is dwelled upon for 15 seconds it creates new neural pathways and your energy immediately shifts.

New research suggests you can do something called “space conditioning”.  This means you can actually “programme” the very space where your intent or focus is concentrated.  Did you ever walk into a place and think to yourself, oh boy, low or dark energy here.  Sometimes it’s so palpable that you can’t wait to get out of the environment.  In an article on a website called www.messagetoeagle.com, writer Carlos Tavaris shares information about scientific experiments which show the mere presence of a person, or observer in any environment, changes or adds to that environment.

This also relates to the “morphogenetic fields”, which are the energy fields surrounding every living thing.

More on morph fields and mind resonance next week.


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