Murphy’s Law and Then Some

Murphy’s Law states that if something can go wrong, it will.  I believe it’s not so much that something can and is going wrong, but rather it’s our interpretation of the situation.  Anything which seems to be going “pear-shaped” in our lives, usually doesn’t fit into our cause-and-effect view of order.

Dr. Robert Anthony, whom I sometimes quote because I think he makes a lot of sense, suggests something to this effect; To assume that something has gone wrong is to assume that something is happening to us, either as an individual or collectively.

For too many people, life is a frustrating struggle full of obstacles.  If you speak with others, whether friends or associates, they’ll often complain about one or many problems such as their job situation, health issues, relationship problems, or overall bad luck.  Too many of us are preoccupied with worry, and feel out of control.  But, as most of us are aware, our beliefs literally shape our experience even though it could appear that we are the victim of circumstance.

The big secret is that we are the creators of our own destinies and we can’t personalize every challenge or problem in life and blame it on outside forces.

If we’re overcome with self-doubt, fear, or anger when we perceive problems as threats to our survival or happiness, we allow ourselves to be engulfed with feelings we have no control over, and we become victims of life.

Here’s a suggestion of what to do in these situations.  Immediately turn the problem around by looking for possibilities and solutions and view them as opportunities and challenges to be overcome.

Instead of resisting problems, how about welcoming them because they are a time in which we can grow.  These obstacles could be considered  our wake-up calls.


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