ADD or Awareness, Deletion, Distortion

Our perception of reality is based on three sources. Perhaps you’ll agree. The acronym is ADD!  Awareness,deletion and distortion.

Awareness is defined as what we have been exposed to or programmed with from our outer and inner worlds. Deletion can be explained by those parts of reality we have not experienced or just are not aware of. And, distortion is the filter through which we see our personal reality. We might as well have a heavy curtain come down on us as we filter out all but the most limited view of the world. Distortions and deletions influence our awareness of reality.

 Can you modify your awareness?  Well sure.  At least I think so. We can do it through making conscious choices even when our world seems to go pear shaped and events are forced upon us.  We probably look at things differently after the death of someone close to us, the ending of a partnership or when we lose a job or business. These situations get our attention and cause us to change our thinking and/or beliefs.

We can certainly experience less pain or trauma if we can makes the necessary adjustments in our perception of the problem and understand they are points of growth. If we fight or repress the emotions attached to a serious situation, it is an opportunity that is lost to us because our purpose here, aside from expressing love and appreciation, is to handle difficult situations with strength and dignity. In this way, we literally become masters  of our lives and are not just submitting to it.  No matter how difficult a situation is, there is always the other side or complimentary opposite. We therefore need to accept what our current reality is and make the best of it by being motivated to change.


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