Being a Visionary

I just finished reading a book by the authors and well-known human potential speakers, Esther and Jerry Hicks in which they commented, “One who is a visionary thrives in all times.”

I’d like to shine a spotlight on that statement by commenting on what I think a visionary is.  You’d probably agree with me when I say it’s someone who realizes they can choose how they look at the world and how they will interpret every event.  They are independent of the ups and downs of their external world, and seem to be more consistently happy because they have a sort of internal control.  The psychological term is called an internal locus of control.  The suggestion is that we can be conscious creators of our reality, which is not only life altering but a very powerful thing to do.  It seems you can determine scientifically whether a person is consistently happy or not based on where they put control.  So, where is your locus of control?  When you place your control outside of yourself, and blame your defeats on a bad economy or a bad relationship, then you’ll allow yourself to be controlled by circumstances – you are a passive observer, and become life’s victim.  You choose.  You are always at choice.


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