Lights, Camera, Action!

Of course you’ve heard the term Lights, Camera, Action! which is synonymous with the film industry.  I’d like to use this term as a comparison to how we sabotage ourselves in our lives.

When you think of a new idea, a light bulb goes off in your head, and your mind’s eye (the camera) starts to visualize how to accomplish the idea – how to bring it into manifestation.  Then, it’s time for the third step – to take action.  However, nothing will happen unless you are actually motivated to follow the third step.

Unfortunately, most people fail due to lack of motivation, and then feel inadequate to complete the idea.  The truth is the inadequacy is in the belief about yourself.  You may have accepted the belief that your idea is not attainable, in which case the Lights go dim, the Camera ceases to roll, and there is little to no Action.

Aww Shucks, foiled again!


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