Smart Cells

As stated in last week’s blog, your cells pick up your messages concerning your health and whatever you believe about your body, your cells will be in agreement.  If you think you’re overweight and it’s a problem, your cells will do whatever they can to comply to keep weight on you.  If you’re afraid you may catch the flu and your cells receive the message of that particular illness, they immediately get busy creating the symptoms of that illness.  They’re very compliant, and you can certainly boss them around with negative or positive thoughts.  By responding to your command, they are simply abiding by the law of attraction.

Here’s a tip.  The well respected Institute of Heart Math in California has shown that feeling gratitude, love, and appreciation in your heart boosts your immune system and increases vital chemical production and physical vitality as well as reducing stress hormones and lowering blood pressure.  They state that feelings of love have shown the magnetic field of your heart extends several feet from your body it effects people in your environment very positively.  There are many pluses for just a few minutes of concentrating on the above emotions. Isn’t it worth a try?


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