William Blake Was Ahead of his Time!

Many of us on a quest for spiritual answers have heard this statement – “Who you are is a spiritual being having a temporary human experience.”   Well, this resonates for quite a few of us as does the statement – “Who you are is an infinite being.”

Who you are is just an idea – because who you really are is your soul.  Your soul is the part of you that is infinite.  It doesn’t start or stop anywhere.  It keeps expanding.  It wants to grow.

Unfortunately, we have been programmed for limitation.  But, we can change that.  All things are possible.  There is the field of infinite possibilities to tap into.

How do we do this?  Consider that our greatest gift is our imagination.  The famous poet and mystic, William Blake said, “Everything that now exists was once imagined.”  This means if you’d like something new to exist, and let’s keep it to the mundane as in a new job, better health, a happily ever after relationship, you need to imagine it and expect it!  This is how wishes become fulfilled – through our imagination.  The key to all this is that you must learn to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

In the land of academics, if you want to understand something, you go to school in order to intellectually understand it.  You take notes, analyze it, and discuss it.  But in the land of spirituality, you have to emotionally experience it.  You assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.  No matter what your situation – poor health, poverty, broken heart, you must be able to say to yourself, “I am feeling that (you fill in the blank) even though it hasn’t shown up yet in the physical world. Until next week…….


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