We Are Not Supposed to be Programmed For Limitations

I wrote about using your imagination to fulfill your wishes last week, and to continue with that thought, I will once again remind you to treat things as if they already are in existence.  When you assume the feeling, your wish will be realized.

Considering the fact that we live our life ruled by the subconscious, ask yourself if your life works.  If you want to be able to manifest, you must start reprogramming the subconscious mind.  We absolutely believe our subconscious programs to be true, but here is the real truth – the only thing you need to believe is that you are a part of God. Or, think of it another way; that a fragment of God resides within you.  Your subconscious has believed that God is outside of you.  Here’s a wonderful affirmation to use. “Who I am is divine, and therefore capable of doing anything God can do.” This may seem extreme to some people who, during their religious upbringing or inherited beliefs from family members, have been told to pray to God to have their needs and desires met.  Or, God is a totally false concept for some people.  I am of the opinion that God / Source, or whatever higher power you believe in, would be overjoyed to see you taking back your power with the understanding that you are a gifted creator, a divine essence capable of creating miracles.

Here’s a simple yet powerful technique to use to reprogram the subconscious.

The last five minutes before you drift off to sleep, repeat what it is you want. No matter what your disappointments were during the day, don’t rehash all your problems and annoyances because you are programming your subconscious with them, and when you wake up you’ll eventually get the experience you’ve programmed into your subconscious.

Instead, in your drowsy state, go over the “I AM” statements such as:





Include all it is you want, imagine it, feel it and pull it out of the field of infinite possibilities.

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