The Best Time to Manifest Your Heart’s Desire

To continue with the thought from last week’s blog, creating or manifesting your personal desires is something most of us have forgotten how to do. Why else is there such deprivation, sadness and anger in the world? Why else do people live lives of quiet desperation? Most of us fail at bringing our goals and desires into fruition because we don’t work at it long enough. In other words, we have a fleeting thought about what we want, but we are not able to sustain it in our conscious mind for more than seconds, and that slows the process down immeasurably.

Furthermore, the law of attraction works profoundly better if it is done as you first wake up in the morning when you don’t have an agenda of trying to resolve the problems of yesterday or what’s in store for you today. In the quiet moments when you first awaken, you’ve wiped the slate clean so to speak. There aren’t any impediments to creating. This exercise needs to be done with consistency until you attain your goal. However, if your conscious belief is that you’ll never attain your goal and you’re giving it a half-hearted attempt, the outcome will not be positive.

The law of attraction is responding to the vibrational pattern of thoughts that are emanating from you. If you come from a perspective of what you desire during those peaceful moments upon awaking, instead of coming from the perspective of what you are currently living, your pattern of thoughts will shift, and you’ll be in the vibration of attracting that which you want.

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