Thoughts on Ascension

Ascension is a word being discussed a lot lately. Having studied Keylontic Science, a form of Unified Field Physics meets spirituality, for the past 13 years, I have been immersed in trying to understand the ramifications of ascension.

You see, ascension (and there are many people who would agree with me at this point in time), is a science with specific mechanics and it is those mechanics which had been beyond my grasp for quite a few years until the light bulb finally went off. Ascension, in the short form, allows for an evolution of consciousness from simple to more complex forms – moving from simple forms of biological expression into more complex structures of pure conscious identity.

Every being in existence is intricately involved in this process, whether they know it or not, and therefore the dynamics of ascension apply to all of us. One must understand first, that we reside in a 15 dimensional time matrix. Most of our scientists would agree that we have at least 11 dimensions but after studying Keylontic Science, I respectfully suggest that there is proof of the 15 but you’d have to do a little research to see if this statement is valid. One way to check this out is by visiting a site called

So, we are in the process of ascending through the 15 dimensional system and, by the way, we are in the 3rd dimension so we have a long way to go to get to the top. Moving up the dimensions is known as The Stairway to Heaven in some circles. We ascend by pulling energy particles together that had separated into various dimensional frequency bands. In short, we are catching a wave which offers the life forms on the planet a huge opportunity – the next level of evolution along with our beloved planet. Earth and many of its life forms are moving up the dimensional bands as the vibrations increase.

You will notice people making huge shifts in consciousness at this time and this is necessary to catch the wave. Those of us able to make the jump will find themselves in a new time cycle and upon a future and more harmonious version of earth. Those that don’t catch the wave, and there will be some, will find themselves in the environment we are experiencing now. War, disease, corporate greed, government restrictions, financial chaos, shady politicians, and I could go on but you get the picture. If you think this info is fiction, so be it, and enjoy it for that. But, should you be curious, there are now many published works about ascension and of course, you can go to the website I suggested. You can also seek answers on a site called, Energetic Synthesis.


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