More on Ascension

In last week’s blog I was discussing ascension, and I mentioned a jump in time cycles and frequencies during the process. Where and how you make the jump, depends upon your frequency accretion, and thus your level of consciousness.

There was an original instruction set or blueprint of our DNA when we incarnated into the 3rd dimension, which is like a lattice of pure liquid crystal. It is called the Divine Blueprint. Some people’s DNA has been dormant (consider the fact that we have the potential for multiple strands of activated DNA). Some DNA has been tampered with, which changes the instruction set. Crystal is a perfect transmitter and receiver of energetic resonance and gives us the ability to perceive incrementally large amounts of consciousness in the upper dimensions. Our variable consciousness also locks us in to fixed points in time and space. “As we wake up to our higher levels of consciousness, we have the ability to access more of our spiritual / energetic blueprint, and we continue to move our frequency location forward through time.” Lisa Renee for

Unified Field Physics tells us that as we have many different identities, or parts of ourselves, located in multiple dimensions, our ultimate goal is to connect with higher vibrating aspects of ourselves. We are collecting fragments of our other identities, and merging them as we access more refined levels of our creative intelligence, while liberating ourselves from the space / time continuum of earth. There’s a lot out there that we are first beginning to understand. We certainly are not finite beings. Our birthright is a divine blueprint. Let’s reclaim it!

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