Authenticity – What’s That About?

I am intrigued by the word authentic – as when one refers to someone as being authentic. It conjures up images of transparency, getting real, staying in the moment, possibly being open and exposed, and fearless. To carry the thought on, I would suggest that creating authentic power provides you with the tools to bring yourself into a rather nice space. As an example, it suggests becoming emotionally aware of what’s going on in your body – the physical sensations bringing you into the present moment so you begin to have a deeper understanding of why and how you react to things and thus have some type of Ah Ha moment.

Because we are not saints, (and I speak for most of us), a part of our personality will try to manipulate or control situations or play the victim / victimizer game. That’s not being authentic. Let’s face it, when we are frightened or feel out of control or insecure, we have more of a need to control what’s outside of ourselves. When we begin to detach from the negative emotions – and that takes work because we have to start looking at the subliminal programs we run – by constantly being a witness to our actions, we can then begin to understand the root cause of them. We can choose to change, and in so doing we become more patient, gracious, and yes, authentic.


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