If We Plant an Avocado, Then What?

I’ve been blogging periodically about the idea that all our experiences have led us to believe certain things about ourselves. Whether they are positive or negative, true or false, is not the issue. However, if we accept them as true, they are. If we repeat our limitations long enough and vigorously enough, we’ll own them. Even if our beliefs are totally off the wall and irrational, if we accept them, that’s what our life will be about – case in point – radical, religious fanatics of all varieties. You can draw your own conclusions about that one.

Once we accept an idea as true, there is nothing that can stop it and the universe will provide it for us with all its nasty consequences. There is nothing we can do to thwart the cause and effect of ill-conceived beliefs and attitudes, except to change our mind. As an example, if we are consistently giving our thoughts over to lack and limitation, as many of us are in today’s erratic economy, and we have accepted this idea about ourselves, then the universe will “kick in” to reward us with debt and economic hardship.

If we plant an avocado seed, then we’ll get an avocado. This avocado won’t change its mind to become a turnip. The universe will give you what you believe as long as you keep planting the seed.


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