The Time for Change is Now

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you now understand that we’ve been going through a huge energy shift, and an acceleration of our consciousness for about 20 years.  We see a breaking down of old paradigms, and are getting in touch with the reason we are here!

Based on reading my blogs and all the information out there, whether on the internet, workshops or your our local bookstore, we acknowledge (many of us), that we are born into an idea / belief system.  We may question it here and there, but in general our top priorities have been about answering the questions, who am I and how do I survive in this environment?

We now have the amplitude of inter-galactic energy to stretch our memories into greater corridors of time – to co-create with higher levels of ourselves, and hear a voice from within that helps us to be reminded of why we are here – about learning non-judgement and unconditional love.  It would also be about finding a way to serve humanity using the talents we have.  Those are huge lessons to learn, but I believe we’re getting there.

What I’m suggesting is to direct your consciousness during the day, or when you are in bed before sleep, by setting an intention of what you desire so you are projecting a blueprint into the unified field and shaping an idea.  In this way, you will be fulfilling a plan you agreed to set in motion.  Even though we find ourselves on this dense (energetically speaking) planet and held within the bounds of linear time, we need to remember we are multi-dimensional beings and open to the flows of multi-dimensional reality through our cells and chakras systems.  We have available to us, higher states of consciousness, of intuition, and of knowing.

We are now breaking out of linear time and restoring the concept that humans can create their reality with their imagination and intention.  Imagine what we can do with the flowering of our consciousness to help empower all people.  Don’t ever feel small or impotent to make changes.  There is a new and simple way of being that creates blessings on a daily basis, if you can harness your imagination and intention for positive good for yourself and others.

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