What is Your Vibrational Set Point?

Your thought equals your point of attraction, and the way you feel indicates your levels of allowing or resisting. That is the key to creating anything you desire. It’s like your vibrational set point, which can be adjusted to your heart’s content, if you’re aware of some easy to follow universal laws.

Let’s start with the idea that when you love someone or yourself, you are a vibrational match to who you really are. You are a physical extension of source and you can’t be separated from source. If, however, you find fault with yourself or another person, you are in that moment offering a vibration which does not match who you really are – a physical extension of source. The negative emotion you feel is your indicator that you have introduced a vibration of resistance and are no longer allowing your connection between the physical and the non-physical.

As long as you are aware of what you do not want, regarding a situation, what you do want can’t manifest in your life. If you are predominantly thinking of the raise you want and deserve, then it’s steadily making its way to you. But, if you’re predominantly thinking about how desperately you need that raise to pay your bills, you are energetically pushing it away from you. By paying attention to the way you feel and by directing your thoughts to more uplifting ones, you can achieve vibrational harmony with the wellbeing that is your God-given right. It’s really not difficult. It just takes some awareness and discipline.

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