A Simple Process With Real Benefits

Last week I wrote about your vibrational set point and to continue with the thought, there are certainly ways to ramp it up.  Just check out the scene around you as a starter and notice something that pleases you.  For me, at the moment, it is just looking at the Blue Ridge Mountains I view from the backyard of the home I’m staying in this summer.  I’m lucky to be in Asheville, NC at the moment, where I have majestic views that put a smile on my face, and give me a real feeling of contentment.  Also, I love looking at the birds who have a fine time bathing in the goldfish pond my sister has built in a little grotto at the side of her house.  Granted, these are little things, but each day I practice this technique I start my day on a higher vibration.

For you, it might be holding your attention on a pleasing object as you consider how wonderful or useful it is.  Then have another look around your environment, and find something else to dwell on.  Make it a point to gaze on objects which evoke your appreciation, because this is a process of bringing your attention to something positive which in turn raises your vibration.  The more you do this exercise, the more the Law of Attraction will work its mysterious ways by delivering you other thoughts, experiences and people who match your vibrational set point.  As you move through your day, make a point of finding things to appreciate.  Another plus is that by practicing this type of appreciation, you can receive clearer guidance, and it’s hard to dispute the importance of that.


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