Be Purposeful, Be Patient, Be Active!

What could this possibly mean? Well, once again I’m writing about the Law of Attraction. I know I keep feeding you this information in one form or another, and it’s only because although it’s been a well-kept secret for a while, this new paradigm has been out of the bag for the last few years. Hundreds of “so called experts’” have been writing and speaking about the subject; some of whom are quite knowledgeable.

I like to think I read enough and listen to enough coaching webinars to extract the important information so I can share it with my readers just in case you haven’t been in the Law of Attraction / Manifestation / Quantum Physics loop.

I’m quoting one of my favorite people regarding the subject. John Assaraf, in his book, “The Answer”, co-written by Murray Smith states, “Understand that this universe is ready and willing to give you everything you want once you are clear on what it is and patient enough to let it do its work.”

However, he tells us that there is one more ingredient we have to take into account. That is the Law of Attraction can’t work effectively unless you follow the Law of Action. Here it is:

“Unless you get off your butt and DO something, it’s not realistic to expect that much will happen.”

Case closed.


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