Resiliency in a Time of Change

Today I was reminded about how growing up in the 50’s and 60’s looks a lot different than it does today. I was engaged in viewing various room displays selling all kinds of memorabilia at a country antique barn along a South Carolina road. What was more unusual about this particular place was that the rooms were staged with authentic items from the 40’s to the 60’s. And they certainly took me back to gentler times – those of you who can remember that era will probably appreciate what I’m saying. In fact, I was so infatuated with the appeal of the rooms I insisted my sister take pictures of me in several of the settings so I could share the experience on Facebook. It brought to mind the shocking thought that we live in a time of extremes, and there is a “new normal” emerging.

The world of the past we’ve been accustomed to has disappeared, but no one told us! I blame it on the reluctance of the media to keep us informed and to acknowledge the truth of what’s going on. We are not told directly that we’ve reached a tipping point of change in climate extremes, or that we are a debtor nation of wildly unrealistic proportions, or that our constitutional rights are eroding as I write this.

Many people are waiting for things to turn around – to go back to a time when tensions were not so high, and where things seemed to be back in control. They are putting their lives on hold – not buying a home, or even having kids, and waiting it out so to speak. We can’t go back. That’s why I probably took refuge in the little staged rooms I visited. It got me off what was truly happening now, and back to a time when I felt safe.

I believe we need to take the opportunity to embrace the fact that a new world is emerging, and we need to mourn, and let go of the past so we can move ahead. We need to be extremely resilient now and understand that change is upon us. That is neither a good nor bad thing, but something to contemplate.


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