Arriving in this Time Space Reality

I have just completed writing a book, (my second), for the young adult market dealing with understanding universal laws, using quantum physics for manifestation, and the concept of  multi-dimensional anatomy. One of the chapters has to do with the things we knew before we embodied into our physical form.  It’s about all the vital information we forgot when we entered this dense reality of the 3rd dimension.  It is my belief, and perhaps a number of you may agree, that we made the decision to incarnate at a particular time and place and within a particular family to learn lessons we hadn’t quite mastered.

We  knew we were creators and that the earth environment would inspire us to learn these specific lessons.  We were delighted with the prospect of being inspired or nudged along to attain our specific desires. We understood that Source consciousness would flow through us to help us achieve the completion of our lessons. Significantly, we also knew that since our well-being is the basis of our universe we would have sufficient opportunity to mold our thoughts into any reality we chose. The potential for extremely pleasing experiences was within our grasp. We would experience immediate emotions to help us understand the direction of our thought. Our emotions would indicate whether we were moving toward or away from what  which we desired.

Unfortunately, we forgot all that wisdom when we entered this dense dimension. Many of us have finally figured out that our work is to direct our thoughts so that we could eventually manifest our desires. It may not be immediate because we were also  given the gift of having ample opportunity to mold and evaluate it. This was because we probably needed to adjust the thought to achieve exactly what it is we desire. There is never a reason to be without something you desire because we all have the ability to have absolute control of our experiences. If only we all remembered this!

Tags: Creator, Manifestation, Source Consciousness, Multi-Dimensional Anatomy


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