What’s Frequency Got to do With it?

Many people are having consciousness shifts due to the fact that we are anchoring more refined frequency into the planet, and we are actually becoming less dense anatomically. As these frequencies come into the planet, our biologies are starting to activate.

It’s sometimes a slippery slope to navigate, as oftentimes we can’t relate to people, including family members or friends. This is because we are activating at different rates. What may help is to take the position that we came here onto the earth plane to learn lessons and to heal. We deliberately chose our family members because they had the best tools and information concerning what we needed in order to fulfill our soul’s agreement, and to strengthen and build our character even though it was oftentimes painful.

So – be in deep gratitude to your friends and family, to your annoying relatives, kids, or your boss. Without them we couldn’t learn the lessons of acceptance, non-judgement, and unconditional love. How else can we polish off the gems that we all are? How else can we become more conscious human beings?


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