Neuro-Science – Creating a Paradigm Shift

Things which are coming into our experience, are coming in response to our vibration. Your vibration will seek to level out to the thoughts you are thinking, and you can tell by the way you feel what kind of thoughts you are thinking.

It is necessary, because of new frequencies coming into the planet, that we stay ready to learn and adapt to a whole new world, and that we help our children and all our loved ones understand this. Things are happening at a faster pace now, and it is very important for our welfare that we adapt to the changes. The relatively new paradigm using neuro-science, and the idea of brain plasticity, is the best way to proceed according to many leaders in the field of brain research. We have reached a new paradigm shift where we understand how to take control of our lives and steer our ship, even through the most turbulent waters.

It is now understood how we can retrain our brain to release hidden mental blockages which are holding us back, and thus allow us to break free from our conditioned beliefs. We can alter the way we think in order to create peace, grace, and prosperity in our lives.

Something to remember – and it’s based on quantum physics – is that the basis of everything is vibration, and vibration can be equated with energy. Science is now showing us that everything in manifestation is made of sub-atomic particles which can be arranged in any form. So, if everything is vibration or energy, and the smallest quantum (or energy packets) are made of sub-atomic particles, we now know that the law of attraction responds to those vibrations and in essence organizes them. These energy packets bring things of like vibration together, while holding those which are not of like vibration apart.

An example is of the individual who is constantly mistreated or emotionally abused. This person will NEVER find a fair deal or be respected. This individual’s perception of mistreatment, and the subsequent low vibration that he engages in, prevents him from attaining any fair treatment. The same is true if you are fearful about money issues and fear not having the resources to pay your bills, or even the opportunities to make the money to meet your critical needs. What happens is that financial abundance will continue to elude you, because you are, for the most part, concentrating on lack, and living in anxiety and fear. Thus, the law of attraction will match your vibration, and give you what you are thinking about and believe. The law of attraction can’t match up the high frequency of prosperity with that of the low vibration of lack. It is a universal law.

I have suggested in past blogs, a technique described by Dr. Robert Anthony, a hypnotist and human potential speaker. It is what’s called the Flip Switch and is simple to do. When you have a negative thought of lack which induces feelings of less than, simply realize it and flip it to a positive thought for 15 seconds. Let’s face it, we have hundreds of negative thoughts during the course of the day. Get a handle on when you have one, and flip it by imagining a positive experience. If you can hold the positive thought for 15 seconds, and really lean into it by using all your senses, it has been proven that new neurons will develop in your brain which will obliterate the negative thought. You will immediately be on a higher vibration and able to attract more positive experiences into your life. It really is that easy. Give it a whirl. After all, what do you have to lose?

2 thoughts on “Neuro-Science – Creating a Paradigm Shift

  1. I’m delighted you read the blog and will use the flip switch. It’s helped me tremendously and I’ve shared it with a number of my friends. Write to me if you have any questions. Regards, Laurie


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