New Set Point

Each of us possesses a computer which is far more advanced than the most sophisticated artificial intelligence machine available, and it’s available at any time – the human mind! You could say that by using your creative imagination, you get what you think about, whether you want it or not! The universe responds to your point of attraction, and picks up the vibrational essence of it. It responds to the vibration you offer, and makes no distinction between having a million dollars and giving thought to having a million dollars.

Use your mind with deliberation and imagination. Activate scenes in your mind that cause you happiness and pleasure. As you practice visualizing positive and empowering scenes in your imagination, these good feeling vibrations can then become a sort of new set point for you. You have raised your personal bar. Don’t join all the people whose lives continue to unfold very much the same day in and day out. They don’t realize there isn’t much thought being offered which is very different from what has already been experienced, so their lives hardly change at all. Apply the process of creative imagination / visualization, and you’ll find in a short time you will move far beyond where you are currently standing in your life. Amazing things can flow into your experience.


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