The Universe Doesn’t Forget

Every thought is known and remembered forever.

I was working on a children’s book in which I was endeavoring to illustrate how karma works, and the phrase about the universe came to mind. I was explaining how every choice we make is a choice of great consequence, because all of our choices reverberate through the ages.

Many books on past lives and karma suggest we eventually have to accept responsibility for every thought, word, and action we generate. The idea we re-experience the same obstacles we’ve created for ourselves and others, in the sense that we create our own heaven and hell, is not a new thought.

Something I strongly believe is that every thought, word, and action adds to a permanent mosaic. Our decisions ripple through the universe of consciousness like a stone tossed in a calm body of water. These decisions affect the lives of all. Even theoretical physics tells us everything in the universe is connected with everything else. So, if we make the choice to support life, we are making the choice to support ALL life, including our own.


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