What Does Giving Mean to You?

I was listening to Bob Proctor give a webinar. I’m always interested in what this loving giant in the human potential movement has to say. I’m just going to pass on what I think is something to “take on board”. He tells us, as most would agree, that we are spiritual beings living in physical bodies. He also tells us we need to willingly give and graciously receive, and that most people don’t learn to give without some type of string attached. I’m paraphrasing here. Some think, if I give, I’ll expect some type of trade in return because after all, giving and receiving is a form of energy exchange.

If people think of giving as some type of trade in which I’ll do this for you if you do this for me, it defeats the purpose of our spiritual evolution. The trick, Proctor says, is to learn to give at every opportunity and receive gracefully. “You can’t out give the universe.” It’s just good practice to give willingly and freely, and then you’ll be in a position to receive, and it won’t come with expectations. And finally, you can’t give and not receive – it’s a universal principle.

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