Jumping Time Lines and New Possibilities

Pre-destined outcomes are extremely rare, and we know there aren’t any absolute certainties, but we can sure help it along with the knowledge that we are absolute creators.

Our energy is constantly shifting with our singular and collective thoughts, feelings, and free-will choices. They are also shifting due to the new energies coming into the planet in its time of ascension. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of planetary ascension, there is plenty of information on the internet and if you want particular links, please ask me in your comments and I’ll put them in a blog the following week.

My point is to highly suggest that you be aware of your thoughts at all times – they radiate out to the planet, and to others we come in contact with. Be very discerning about information you hear from media sources as it is often written and disseminated by people who are either misinformed themselves, or have an agenda to misinform the public and discourage and frighten people. Now, why would they have such an agenda – particularly a conscious one? Well, it’s to create a low vibration and keep us in a perpetual state of victimhood so we are then controlled. We look to them for solutions in our victimized states and you can bet these solutions are not helpful in creating a more loving and merciful society. I’m sure most of us have figured that out by now anyway.

So, what’s the antidote? First, know that your expectation of a specific happening based on what you hear and read, such as the doom and gloom of wars, the economy, downed planes, and plagues sends forth a specific energy. When these energies coalesce they create a vibratory down-turn which helps the event escalate or the aftermath of the event cause shock, fear, and disillusionment.

Our expectation of positive events happening sends out positive energy that is tied to a specific time line. Therefore we are at choice to create a disharmonic timeline with chaotic events and fear rampant, or a heroic timeline where we can live in peace and prosperity on the planet.

It is up to all of us to create this and make the jump into a higher vibration. It is our responsibility and our birthright to have this knowledge and ability. Please comment if you want more information concerning timelines.


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