Shifting Realities –

It’s as easy as falling off a log but a little scary!

Once again, It’s all about the individual’s choice to shift frequencies and how we have to set the bar higher. As said previously, the current vibrational frequencies, coming in galactically, are thankfully being received on the planet to help us make the jump into higher levels of consciousness. They are helping to expunge negative thought patterns, if we allow them to. And, that’s a big “IF”. It is very important to let go or detach from negative thoughts. How does it possibly serve you to keep a loop going in your mind about some type of betrayal or injustice that’s already happened?

I quote from an internet site called, “Shifting Realities”.

“That’s why letting go, or detaching, is so important. Changing our surroundings can greatly aid this process, as well as jettisoning objects and other influences that “re-mind” us of those limiting emotional patterns. The less programming we’re exposed to the better. It’s not easy as they work on our subconscious level by information and sensory overload including a relentless bombardment of encoded information via advertising, logos, trigger phrases and even number sequences. What we can’t process gets dumped into the subconscious and sits there awaiting activation. Very seditious stuff. The solution is to turn it all off and get as far away from it as possible, another good reason to at least get out of cities and avoid the mass media like the plague, because it is.”

I’m going to keep addressing this type of info as we work together towards unity consciousness. Which time line do you want to jump to? See last week’s blog for more info.

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