What is Time?

Some of us are feeling a subtle shift in what we conceive of as time, as we undergo planetary ascension. Ascension means we are entering the 5th dimensional frequency band – finally!

Many are having different perspectives as the timelines split off because they are governed by our consciousness. Low frequency consciousness will see and participate in a different time line than those humans vibrating at higher states of consciousness. The jump has to do with stellar and solar activations which transmit a frequency integrated into the planetary field, and which offers humanity the ability to shift into a higher dimension.

What does this all mean? According to Lisa Renee, who writes a fascinating and illuminating ascension blog called Energetic Synthesis, “when the movement into higher dimensions of frequency occurs in the next higher octave level, it creates a great impact in the overall fundamental base frequency on earth. This overall fundamental frequency or base is also the coordinate location of a fixed point in a time and space field.”

Bottom line, as we ascend to the next dimension, we are moving ahead in time, and time becomes non-linear. This is a hard concept to grasp because we are only entrained to understand past, present and future and can rely on specific markers to help us.

The frequency coming into the planet is correlated with the collective consciousness of humans. It is averaged out between those of low vibratory rates, and people who are indeed at a higher vibration of consciousness. It is up to many awakened humans to help the planet and its people make the jump into the higher dimension. This is a particularly important service contract to uphold. If you resonate to this information, you are one of the people who took on this responsibility to successfully aid the planet and its people to make the jump. We need a positive shift in our world views and our personal perceptions and values. It is vital that we keep our frequency as high as possible as it starts a chain of thought in our environment and out into the world.

Know that our collective energy field will directly impact humanity.

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