Repetitive Negative Thoughts, Oh My!

How soon you create what it is you desire is determined by the level of certainty you have about receiving what you desire.

Every time you say something like, “why hasn’t it happened yet” is reinforcing the belief that you don’t really think it is already yours.

The universe runs on laws that don’t fail.  Let your authentic self do its job. All you have to do is get out of the way, and let it happen.  Stop trying to figure out how you’ll get it as you’ll limit yourself.  Just state your intention.

And, another thing – why do the same events keep happening over and over again? Because you’re making the event your dominant thought and you keep recreating the same circumstances and situations over and over again like in the movie, Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray.  Whatever you focus on, you will eventually get.

No wonder we can’t get off this treadmill! Statistics indicate that by the age of 18, the average person has heard the word “no” 150,000 times!  That’s certainly enough times to establish a loser pattern and a negative belief system – all very counter-productive.  If you’re going to play the game of life, at least put the odds in your favor, and stop allowing any “I can’t”, or “it will never happen” thoughts into your consciousness.


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