What Makes a Hero?

I must still have Veterans Day on my mind to be addressing the following subject……

Where are all the heroes?  You might consider a hero to be the whistle-blower who puts his life in jeopardy by taking on a scandalous corporate group that knowingly poisons the environment, or a pharmaceutical company who covers up information about potentially life threatening drugs or immunizations.  You might consider Ruby the cat a heroine.  She was in the news a few years ago for individually dragging her kittens to safety out of a raging fire, even though she was seriously burned herself.

I think heroes and heroines are a rare breed.  They act in a spirit of resistance to some type of tyranny and freedom of choice.  They act with very little thought to their own self-preservation.

Perhaps the lack of heroism has to do with the fact that we have so much turmoil in our lives, and too many people are consumed with their careers, money, personal gain, or just plain survival.  Maybe life’s dramas take the wind out of a heroic disposition.  Maybe, it’s just in the DNA.

Sometimes, we find people who light the way with the courage of their convictions. Sometimes they even find themselves in a position of influence, and choose truth over lies, and justice over injustice.  Rarely are they a member of congress!


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