Our Future is in the Present Moment

The reason why we put such heavy emphasis on action is because we don’t understand the power of how to create in the moment. Many of us really don’t understand that our present moment is actually our future.

Let me explain. The laws of quantum physics tell us there’s really a lot less action needed for us to accomplish our goals, and that when you deliberately create, the universe will then provide a different set of circumstances for you which require much less action. Let’s face it, most of the actions people take are not in harmony with their true desires. Most people are putting out fires or act out of doubt, fear, and worry. They’re using action to compensate for their inappropriate creating.

Do we really have to work hard to get what we want? I’m convinced we don’t, even though hard work and discipline are qualities that are much admired in our society. If you’re into the “no pain no gain” point of view, with the inference that if you want to be successful you’ll have to work really hard, you’ll probably disagree with me.

Dr. Robert Anthony, hypnotist, human potential speaker and writer suggests, “anytime you are struggling or suffering toward a goal, you are actually mis-creating and you are attracting what you don’t want rather than what you do want. The problem is, when you put your emphasis on doing, you are limited as to how much you can accomplish because you can only do so much. Not much of the action is done with joy, and it causes us to look toward the future for our happiness.”

Bottom line. Use the power of deliberate creation, which I’ve referred to in previous blogs, to create your future in the present moment.


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