What Keeps Us Stuck?

When the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for you, there are ways to jump start it.  I was just listening to a webinar given by Dr. Symeon Roger, who spoke about factors that sabotage you when you are trying to manifest something in your life. I’ll paraphrase.  He said some key concepts are missing if you are not manifesting what you want, and that it is necessary to feel good about where you are, no matter what. I concluded that he meant we must be in a state of gratitude even if it’s for very small things.

Our emotional energy can make or break our power to manifest.  He explains that the energy field of the heart is probably 1000 times more potent than mental energy, and this energy from the heart is what we have to broadcast out.  We think our emotions are in our heads, but that’s only a chemical process.  It’s our emotional energy coming from the heart that’s the key.  Unfortunately, we are too head-centered in our society, and that prevents us from really becoming the manifestors we are meant to be.

Here’s another interesting point concerning the Law of Attraction.  Dr. Roger spoke about the need to switch your emotional guidance system.  He explained that we’re taught, but it is up to us to solve our challenges using our brain and therefore our knowledge.  That’s just a rational guidance system and puts the burden on us to fix things which engenders a sense of fear and anxiety.  If we can’t find the solution, we are virtually thrust into a fight or flight response and become defensive physiologically. This is all very disempowering, and it is also a false view of reality.

The Law of Attraction becomes very liberating when used correctly, because it absolves us from figuring out what to do in any given situation.  All we have to know is what we want and what the end result looks like.  Then we get to focus on it.  The solution is not something you have to devise yourself.  The universe is not hostile and the solution will come from outside yourself. It will come in unexpected ways, and through your intuitive guidance system when you let the stress of trying to intellectually fix things go!

Lastly, if you have a big issue, a monster issue, don’t focus on that first.  Try attaining the small things so your subconscious will understand it is possible to use the Law of Attraction for your benefit. Otherwise, you’ll probably sabotage yourself.  You must walk before you run, and you must believe you can do it.  You need to have evidence that you can see and feel for it to be successful.


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