A BIG Consciousness Shift is Upon Us

I was thinking about the horrendous act of violence perpetrated against the 12 victims at the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo, not to mention the slaying of 4 other innocent victims who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  We’ve beheld many unconscionable acts of violence throughout the world but this event seemed to be a turning point as it brought probably millions (even though it hasn’t been reported as quite that large a number) to the streets on multiple continents in solidarity for the victims.  But, more than that, it was a statement of people wanting to end prejudice and antipathy towards others of different faiths and ideologies.  It was a statement to say, “we will not accept this violence and hatred anymore and we are united in our desire for a peaceful and safe world.

We are now in very unusual times due to a higher frequency coming into the planet galactically.  Those of you that have not read about it – and info is plentiful now and has even been commented on by members of the scientific community – please respond at the end of the blog and I will give you websites to check out next time.

So, with this new frequency available to all of us, we see an energy separation happening amongst the human race.  We see this energy creating insanity amongst specific groups of people that incite them into rage very easily.  We see many people just losing it, being swept away by negative forces.  It is quite unpleasant to observe as people become disconnected from their true essence or some may call it the Christ spirit within. Whatever you name it, it is our individual connection to source that seems, for some, to be cut off.

Many of us will see radical changes in the way we think and how our life evolves with this new frequency.  A major 26,000 year cycle has ended and we can now avail ourselves of the new energies on the planet to create more productive and empowering lives. As said, we are completing one cycle and going into an ascension cycle as we ride the wave with the planet.  Be aware of your thoughts, the words you speak and the subliminal programs of lack or self-sabotage that ran your program in the past.  Ask for help and guidance if you are troubled, and more than likely, you will receive it in unexpected ways.  Now is the time to fulfill your dreams with your intention and focus.

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