To Be Enlightened or Not!

I recently visited a friend in an area close to the city of Sarasota, FL which is known for cattle ranches and farming.  It is only 30 minutes or so from downtown Sarasota but altogether a different world.  Time seems to have stopped in this area called Myakka City. You can see how Florida looked before all the development; the luxury condos and gated communities, the multiple restaurants on each block and the annoying traffic for 8 months a year as the “snowbirds” enjoy the fantastic weather and cultural benefits.  I bring this up because my friend has five acres with rows of fruit trees and an organic garden, and he even has his own well.  Basically, he has made it into a self-sustaining place and thus he rarely makes trips to the local supermarket – unlike me – I run to my gourmet market daily if only to get an iced coffee and look at the food I don’t grow.

I believe the sudden interest in sustainable living is a perfect example of our recognition that we need to survive long enough to evolve.  It has become pretty evident to people, we are in major environmental trouble.  As we move forward, it is imperative that we take everything in the system with us – all life forms along with the whole planet.  We are in an ascension period as I noted in previous blogs and certainly many people have commented on that in their own way.  This is not new news.

There are other kinds of bodies we will inhabit as we ascend.  Not this dense physical one. As the frequency of the planet rises, so do our own bodies in order to keep up.  That is part of how ascension works.  We are becoming more light-bodied. Meaning, we are developing more light between our atoms and shedding miasms, or propensities toward dis-ease and dis-harmony.  This may mean a lot of nasty stuff comes to the surface both on the planet and in our own bodies.  So, there is a lot of shaking up going on in our physical and spiritual evolution, and part of our job is to recognize this, not be in fear.  We are becoming “enlightened”.  And, that is a pun.  Part of our job is also to carry our gifts into higher states of evolution.  It’s not just we who are evolving, but all the flora and fauna that we need to sustain and help in the ascension process.


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