Lost in Thought

Did you ever feel like a cork bobbing in a turbulent sea, blown by the currents and the wind? Did you ever feel out of control? Of course, who hasn’t? I’ll hazard a guess as to why this happens – usually because we are using our default mechanism – we are focusing on extraneous thoughts which are oftentimes negative or anxiety provoking. Our mind tends to relive negative experiences instead of replacing the negative thought immediately with one which is uplifting. Technically, it sounds easy but when you’re floating in a miasma of anxiety provoking thoughts, it’s difficult to move to a positive one except if you train yourself with intention and focus.

In any moment, we really have access to two emotions, one which is empowering and one which is deflating. Try to shake up your world by reaching for the best feeling thought. When you can do this, you are developing a relationship with your inner being or higher self, and as an extension, a relationship with source. When you reach the stage of deliberate creation by shifting your thoughts to more positive ones, your life will become consistently better.

No matter what your desires are, your end goal is always the same which is to be happy. Why do we want better health, a more fulfilling relationship, more money and recognition for hard work? Because, it makes us happy.

Material items, money, health, a better relationship is not your true goal when you think about it. Your true goal is being happy. You can be happy now by always reaching for the thought that feels best in every moment.

When we feel good, we automatically attract the new car, the great relationship, better health and everything else we desire.

Here’s where we go adrift, and I’ll quote from a wise man who teaches The Law of Attraction. Dr. Robert Anthony states, “Most people decide they will be happy after they get the “things” they want. What they don’t understand is that feeling good attracts these things. Therefore, when we make the decision to feel good by reaching for the thought that feels best in every moment, we will already have achieved our goal. The rest is a bonus.”

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