Are We Doomed to Conformity?

David Icke, British author and public speaker, well-known for de-bunking the political and economic lies and intrigues of the 20th and 21st century, and really the ultimate whistle-blower, speaks of the majority of people as being “sheeple”. Obviously, that’s not a compliment and obviously Mr. Icke is calling to attention the fact, on one level, we follow each other around because we are trying to conform to the majority and not stand out in the crowd. On another level, and more insidious, he is letting us know that there are immense negative forces around by which we are being controlled and manipulated, and unless we wake up to the fact and do something about it, civilization as we know it, is in deep peril.

Isn’t it time to break out of this “sheeple” state of mind? I’m not suggesting we become whistle-blowers, as it takes a unique set of circumstances and great courage in the face of real danger to expose the underbelly of our society – the people, corporations, government institutions and secret cabals that seem to be controlling our way of life. Yet, we do have whistle-blowers coming out with their stories on a regular basis now, and my hat is off to all those brave souls who blow the lid off what were once well-kept secrets.

I believe much of our discontent can be removed by refusing to let our life be marred by conformity. As we must know by now, if you are reading anything about new brain research and also the law of attraction, in our lives we are experiencing an outward manifestation of what has been going on in our heads. When a large segment of the population become “sheeples” and feel it is easier just to go along with the majority, then they will have attracted every experience they undergo whether good, bad or really ugly. And, quite frankly, it is looking pretty ugly out there particularly if you happen to have the misfortunate of being involved in one of the many wars or environmental calamities that are ongoing.

Don’t fall into a “sheeple” state of mind. Don’t concentrate on limitations and failures, and don’t fall into fear-based thinking which is the mind-set of too many “sheeples”.


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