Derailed by Ancestral Memories?

Pioneering research by neuro-pharmacologist, Candace Pert, PhD revealed that neuropeptides are present on both the cell walls of the brain and in the immune system, and that they are linked by a communication system.  These informational systems affect our emotions as well as our physiology.  Pert believes that peptides probably provide solutions to every medical problem.

Another well-known expert in the field of consciousness and the relationship of mind/body, Dr. Larry Dossey, states in his book, “Re-inventing Medicine“, “first there was the body followed by a burgeoning recognition of the undeniable alliance between mind and body. Add to this the idea that if cells retain memories and communicate with each other vis a vis neuropeptides, what would it be like if we also carried memories of our ancestors?  Native Americans express the idea that we are connected at least seven generations back.  So what if we actually carried memories from our past lives within our own cells? Naturally, we’d have to believe we have had many lives before the one we’re presently embodying and statistics indicate that the majority of people do believe in reincarnation.

More and more we are finding people and technologies that are able to tap into cellular memory and release the negative thought forms stored in our cells.  A few ways to remove these energy blocks are through tapping using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).  See videos on easy to follow instructions online.  Another is through “The Healing Code” by Dr. Alex Lloyd (see book of that name or information on line as to webinars/workshops). More in the esoteric realms are the work of John Newton who also helps you tap in to generational memories and release them.  You can google Newton’s videos entitled “Health Beyond Belief“.  Also, research Dr. Robert Anthony, whom I often quote, for his audio series and books concerning releasing subconscious programming.


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