Directing Your Destiny

Albert Einstein said, “the imagination is more important than knowledge.”  I think many Olympic athletes would agree, considering they use visualization process to see themselves in a winning position.

If you want to speed up your skill level in any physical performance, watch a master over and over, and duplicate the action on the screen in your mind’s eye.  Not only are you imprinting it in your mind, but you’re doing the same thing in your heart as it accepts what it is currently seeing as its sole objective.

Find a master and watch.  You can use Google or YouTube to find the best demonstration of what you are trying to attain.  Move it to your desktop and with repetition, you can burn the image in.

Become the director of your own script.  Move the images against a white backdrop and visualize the entire scene – where you and everyone else is positioned, as well as the look on peoples’ faces, and even the tone of voice used.

To take this a step further, here’s another creative exercise.

Place a peaceful scene on the image-maker in your head and ask yourself, “what do I believe is NOT the truth?”  Wait and listen, and don’t think or go into your left brain.

The answer we can trust is the the one we hear, not the one we edit.  Once we become aware of what we really believe or need to change, we can use our very own image-maker to see ourselves actually performing another behavior.  This is actually a heart exercise which, when repeated multiple times, becomes life changing.


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