Edging God Out = EGO

What a significant statement if you think about it, and one I currently have taped to my refrigerator.  Here’s another, Let Go and Let God.  Wow, both very powerful.

Living our daily lives is a tough business, particularly when we are stressed out by personal issues, and are constantly getting sound bites of very disheartening news often skewed by our media outlets.  Many people find they are buying into the chaos which becomes extremely stressful, creating even more negative thought forms which the body absorbs at a cellular level.  This creates a type of mental sickness, and we become mentally and spiritually weakened.

There comes a point when we must choose how we live our lives, no matter what other people are doing or saying, and no matter what we hear through distorted opinions.  Other people are seeing the world through their own personal filters, so where does the truth lie? The truth lies within!  The truth lies in your connection to Source / God which you can access in quiet moments.  If only we were given this guidance when we were very young, the bumpy road of life could have been negotiated with more ease.

Reading people and situations is vital, as the consciousness of the planet shifts into higher frequencies.  This is called an ascension process, and it began happening only a couple of years ago.  We need to be in “sync” with the planet as we strive for an energetic balance within ourselves.  When we are able to do this, it is reflected back out into the world as the bounce-back effect.  When we do this, our daily lives will become more enriched, the people we interact with will become more receptive, and  things we perceive as obstacles will have more obvious solutions.

The way we think and act takes a higher level of consciousness, patience, and fearlessness.  We are always fighting with our ego, and don’t understand the virtues of surrender.  Thus the phrase, Edging God Out = Ego.  Think about it.


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