Why Me? He Wailed Plaintively!

The title of my new book for young adults is “Why Me?”  The reason I bring this up is because the main character, who is 14, can’t understand why he is chosen for a dangerous mission to help prevent earth from falling into a black hole in the center of the galaxy.  He does a good deal of “angsting” about the position he seems to be put in by a group of “guardian” extraterrestrials, and feels it is out of his control.

Well, let’s face it, there are always choices in life and some, even though they may have a negative outcome, are still beneficial for our spiritual growth.  The library, not to mention all the spiritual / psychological webinars I listen to, are filled with stories about people rising out of despair.  This sinking down to the darkest place in their lives causes them to change. In retrospect, all of them will admit that they were thankful for their experience. It doesn’t mean they would want to go through it again, but rather they have learned more about themselves, and are stronger and wiser for the experience.

The key to all this, is not to personalize every challenge or problem in life by assuming something is happening to you.  Every time you ask, Why Me? you assume you are a victim of circumstances, people, or conditions.  Things just happen and the question, Why Me? only limits the possibility of finding a solution.


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