Special BRAND of Wisdom

Many of you know Russell Brand as an actor, comedian and former husband of Katy Perry. Recently, I was at the Sarasota Film Festival and enjoyed a documentary that followed. It was Brand on personal interviews, on TV and radio shows, and just giving enlightened sound bites of his special “brand” of wisdom.

What’s most important about this charismatic character, is he seems to be demonstrating what it means to be in unity consciousness. He has emancipated himself from suffering, and arrived at the core of his being, where the feeling of “all is well” resides, and where whatever is going on in the external world is given acknowledgement, with the understanding that it doesn’t fit the inner reality picture anymore. If I’m being ambiguous, let me explain.

Mr. Brand is an example of an individual who has gotten beyond the egoic mind to a place beyond his own imaginings, where he refrains from narcissistic self-absorption. He seems to have surrendered to the greater plan drafted by his higher self. Not only that, but he is telling everyone that it is possible to do the same and thus leading by example. He is bravely confronting dishonest politicians, the skewed media, the “money is my God” medical system, and not least of all, the oppressive military industrial complex. If that’s not enough, he knows how to laugh at himself. What a guy!

Thankfully, more and more people are embodying this new energy as the physical structures of the society we know fall apart. Although it looks bad in “external” reality, thanks to the perpetual lies and propagation of fear, much is happening beyond what we can see. We are rebuilding new ways to live and to act toward each other. When we finish the course requirements from the university of cause and effect, and when we are ready to reconstruct our Divine Blueprint (what we were meant to be born with, but what got distorted on the way into the earth plane), we will bring our highest creative visions to the new earth. It time for all of us to figure out our part in the divine plan.

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