This Moment Is All We Have

It is our thoughts, and our thoughts alone, that will determine what’s possible for us now. Isn’t it time to be proactive and reach behind any pre-determined formulas we have, or anyone else might have for us, for what’s possible at this time in our lives?  In fact, no matter what did or did not happen in our past, the present remains an endless stream of miraculous opportunities.  Marianne Williamson says, “The Law of Divine Compensation guarantees that endless possibility is not just an abstraction, but rather a yearning of the universe, an active force of constant elasticity. It doesn’t respond to your past, but rather your present state of mind.”

Here’s an idea.  Drop limiting thoughts, and accept unlimiting ones instead.  Our thoughts are reflected in our experience – from the state of our bodies to the state of our world. As we reprogram our thoughts, we reprogram everything.

Derek Rydall, a spiritual life coach and author of a gem of a book called “Emergence”, speaks of a ground breaking, seven step system, he devised when he was experiencing what many of us can relate to as “a dark night of the soul”.  In his book, he shares ways to discover your life’s purpose, and how to unleash your passion. It goes beyond the usual self-improvement “manuals”.  One of the things he tells us is, “at the end of the day – let alone the end of our life – it’s not what we’ve achieved that gives us the most satisfaction, it’s what we’ve become.”  Are you more peaceful and loving, more patient, more connected to others?  Do you feel more empowered and authentic in your self-expression?  Take a look at your life and see if you can say “yes” to the last question.


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