If You Can Dream It

If you’ve read Lewis Carroll’s epic novel, “Through the Looking Glass”, you might remember a conversation the Red Queen had with Alice.  It goes something like this:

Red Queen:  “Tell me Alice what are you dreaming tomorrow?”

Alice:  “How will I know what I will dream tomorrow?”

Red Queen:  “I’m saying, you haven’t had any practice.  When I was your age, I dreamed about six impossible things before breakfast!”

Well, well.  I bet you can guess where I’m going with this.  Everything that exists started with a dream.  Everything that exists started as an idea before it blossomed into its physiological state.

It is suggested that you need to have a picture in your mind before you can make your dreams into reality.  Certainly most of our greatest inventors dreamed the object before they invented it.  If you can dream it, you can have it.  However, you’ve got to believe in the possibility of “IT” and become a vibrational match to your dream.  Once again, I’m talking about the idea of the Law of Attraction and manifestation.

What is a vibrational match?  It’s a way of making small shifts in the way you lead your life. If you want more financial prosperity, instead of moaning to friends and family about your impoverished state, take a course on line such as a webinar given by people who have made it and are willing to share their knowledge.  Read books on the subject; hang out at places that are upscale and catch the vibe; write yourself a check for an amount that is double your yearly salary; carry around a hundred dollar bill in your pocket and go out shopping. and Instead of spending it, imagine what you can buy with it knowing if you wanted to you could.  These small steps are ways to match your vibration to your dream.

According to Mary Morrissey, author and coach, “Keep yourself in the vibration of your dream and don’t lay your dream on the altar of someone who won’t support it!  Ask yourself, what steps can I take to move me forward and even if it’s one small step, you are changing your vibration and bringing what you desire to you.”

As for The Law of Attraction, those of you who would like my FREE pdf on the Law of Attraction or would also like information on how to teach children these invaluable strategies, take a look at my new website at www.Journeytowardknowledge.com where I’ll be sharing all kinds of new ideas!


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