Your Soul’s Desire?

Last week, I suggested you have a picture in your mind or a vision before you can make a dream into a reality.  That’s fairly easy to figure out. However, consider the idea of imagination and how you can stretch it.  As a guy we’re all familiar with said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, Albert Einstein.

Imagination gets us thinking outside the box by the process of holding our mind on the image of a desired outcome until the Law of Attraction kicks in and brings it into form. Certainly, this can be a useful tool to attain many short term goals.  If you focus on an image long enough and with enough feeling, you can usually bring it into form.  It is a universal law. I sometimes use vision boards to do this or make a power-points on my computer highlighting the goals or objects I want to attain and set it to music.  This all helps, and I have been moderately successful using these strategies.  However, I realize I am really restricting myself to the small stuff, even with my successes.  Why, small stuff some may ask?  In response I would say, because it is based on my own limited self-image.  It’s certainly nice to manifest a better place to live, a healthier relationship, more bucks in the bank but it seems short lived because most of us always want more or better. Here comes the little ego.

Even though you have changed the superficial structure of your world, have you really rocked it enough?  It seems our world remains fundamentally the same.  As the coach / speaker / author, Derek Rydall, informs us in his book entitled, Emergence, Seven Steps for Radical Life Change, “Visualizations and other manifestation techniques (vision boards, affirmations and so on), are useful tools, but they aren’t enough.  With them alone, you can only fulfill your ego’s desires, not your soul’s destiny – or that matter, the highest purpose of a project, a relationship or business.”  Hmm, you might say, your soul’s desire.  But, how do you tap into what sounds like an ephemeral concept? That’s what conscious people are trying to figure out.

If you have any thoughts, please comment – as I shall next week.


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