Right Intention

Last week, I left off with the question of how to tap into your soul’s desire.  Many of us have tried to have some type of contact with that higher aspect of ourselves, “our spirit, our soul or, our intuition”.  Many have experienced what they would consider enlightened moments when they get beyond their rational thinking and cultural conditioning.  Just by being born we become susceptible to all the beliefs of humanity, and these limiting thoughts are seeded into our unconscious minds.  It’s up to us to pluck them out when we become aware of them.

One of the main obstacles to tapping into higher aspects of ourselves, is the insecurity that comes when we do get out of our own way but then question ourselves with thoughts such as, am I really connecting with my higher self / spirit / intuition or is it just my nasty little ego?  The result is that we doubt ourselves.

It is said you really can’t make the wrong choice if you have the right intention.  Look at it this way.  If you make the wrong choice based on good intentions, it will lead you to learn and grow and strengthen your ability to make better choices.  So how bad can that be?

For your consideration, here’s a technique I use that I learned from the author, Derek Rydall, whom I mentioned in last week’s blog.  In his book “Emergence” he suggests the following:

Create two columns on a page.  On the left side, write down your desire / goal.  On the right, write down why you want it.  Be honest.  Start with the things you want most, and work your way down.  If the reason you want something is to get something materially, add that new object to the desire column and write down why you want it in the other column.  For instance, if you wrote, “I want to make a million dollars,” and in the why column you put, “To get a house,” put “To get a house” in the desire column, and put why you want the house in the opposite column.  Do this until you get a non-material reason in the right-hand column.  For example, in terms of the house, you might put “To feel secure.”  You’ve now distilled your desires to the feeling of security which is the real goal.

You can then determine if your “whys” are based on what you want from others, or are inner qualities. The more you come to understand that what you actually want is already within you, the more you are in tune with the higher aspects of yourself and your soul level.


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