Something New to be Born

Isn’t it about time we gave up our psychic dragons and put them to rest (RIP)?  In childhood, we have not developed the means or understanding of how to deal with perceived trauma, and are easily wounded.  Unfortunately, for many people, this trauma is carried on to middle age and beyond.  It’s not a pretty sight to see a 50 year old experiencing the pain of a betrayal, and acting out as if they were a wounded 5 year old.

In a time of planetary transcendence, we’ve been receiving wake-up calls to get with it and heal the past.  We have many opportunities to do this because the people and events in our life are perfectly calibrated to teach us lessons, and allow us the opportunity to heal. Some of us have to be metaphorically hit in the back of the head with a two by four before we “get it” enough to move on.  Some of us have profound spiritual victories and our lives seem to change overnight.

If we project responsibility for a dysfunction outside ourselves, how can we heal? Replaying injustices and hurts from the past, in our minds, seems counter-productive at the very least.

It’s time to evolve and release the blame from unresolved pain and fear, and learn to adapt so we can personally evolve on a planet that is doing just that.

Here is a prayer that may give some solace.  It is offered by N.Y. Times best-selling author and human potential speaker, Marianne Williamson, in her book “The Age of Miracles”.

Dear God,

Please heal my relationship with my parents.

Whether they’re on Earth

or have passed beyond the veil of death,

may only love remain between us.

May I not be broken by their weaknesses,

but may I be strengthened by their strengths.

May they be at peace,

and so may I.

Help me to forgive them,

and please forgive me.



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