The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

For a number of years, I’ve been reading articles and using tools and technologies devised by some brilliant scientists at the Institute of Heart Math.  These scientists have uncovered life altering information regarding the science of the heart.

The institute is an internationally recognized nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions, and build energy and resilience for healthier lives.  In a nutshell, they teach people to rely on the intelligence of their hearts, in connection with their minds, in any area of life, from work to family and relationships.  Their scientists have proved that the heart plays an important role far beyond what is commonly known and that it emits electromagnetic fields that change according to the emotions.

I am writing about this because by understanding some basic premises about the heart, you can boost your immune system by conjuring up positive emotions.  It has been proven that positive emotions create physiological benefits in our bodies.  On the other side of the coin, you might not know that negative emotions can create nervous system chaos.  Positive emotions do the complete opposite.  You can go online for information and published papers at  Studies from the Institute show that it’s critical for many of us to change the way we feel inside.  “Not much can be accomplished from a place of sadness, angst, sorrow and depression.  Our current human experience, the everyday life we all seem to participate in, does indeed take its toll on many.”

A lot of people are feeling that living the lifestyles we do, struggling to pay bills and constantly working to afford a preferred way of life, is not a natural type of existence for the human race.  “It’s an experience which makes it hard to maintain a “high frequency” or positive state for some.”  It doesn’t have to be this way because we are capable of so much more.  Naturally, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain a positive state of mind when we see so many personal tragedies and the degrading of our planet.  Obviously, things need to change, but we can’t change what we would like to without first changing ourselves and coming from a positive, peaceful state.

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