If We Were Only Born Wise

Human consciousness has no succinct definition.  Consciousness can’t be found in the brain, as many people believe.  Consciousness lives in the unified field.  But, what does that mean, since we can’t really define consciousness.  It is entirely illusive.  How do we explain the gifts of a psychic who can read possibilities of future events, or a medical intuitive who can determine physical imbalances by scanning the body?  This unseen energy has attributes we don’t know anything about.  But, what we are currently seeing, is that human consciousness is now shifting, and we are beginning to understand the physics of how it works, and that we can manifest miracles using our consciousness. Whatever we’ve been creating in our consciousness en masse is happening now. Much of it is pretty ugly, but then some of us are passing through this wisdom barrier and creating something entirely new.  We realize we can control what happens on the planet by controlling our consciousness.  We can ease through the door of this barrier and watch the negative recede.

It is said that if 1% of humanity awakens in their consciousness, it can have a very positive effect on humanity.  It can change the world as we know it.  And, most of us would agree, we’re due for a change for the better.

This wisdom barrier, or veil, that has been broken through by a small percentage of humans, means that we are now working our way out of survival mode and are entering into our next stage of evolution.  Let’s face it, up to now we have only been able to explain things from what we know and the information we’ve been fed and have choosen to believe.  We have been struggling to find formulas which will explain things. That would be the human propensity anyway.  We’re taking an exponential leap based on individuals waking up.  We have moved forward, and thrown the switch, and are beginning to experience a new type of existence.  When the debris clears in the next few years, it is said we will be living at peace for as long as we want.  We can even program our atomic structure to live as long as we want. There will be a world consciousness agreement, but we must use our consciousness, our imagination, and our intention to bring it in.

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