Your Intelligent Back-up System

Do we have a built in guidance system which knows the grand plan for us? I propose we do. Certainly, on many levels we are all programmed for our physical survival. This is a throwback to primitive man, who had to outsmart a saber tooth tiger stalking him, and forage for food and shelter to stay alive. Our need for corporeal survival gives us the logic to figure out ways to stay alive. It is what the brain controls. Today, things are a bit different as many of us rather enjoy a comfortable home, and a trip to Whole Foods to replenish our food supply. So, much of the time, we’re not in that kind of survival mode.

Most of us now are primarily in another type of survival mode; spiritual survival. This is a different kind of connection which we are developing, and it’s very esoteric. It’s the terrain of the more enlightened, and it is being recalibrated, as we speak about and experience a new consciousness. It is a much larger type of survival which requires different types of skills and knowledge to access. It promotes humanity’s spiritual evolution and provides a higher working level of our DNA. At this juncture, very few scientists acknowledge that our DNA can communicate with itself. Often, scientists refer to junk DNA which are those strands that they presume are inactive and remain dormant until we die. Not so. This information can remain theoretical unless you have a personal wake-up call in conscious awareness and/or avail yourself of information through research.

Our DNA is connected to what we call our Higher Selves which I’ve made reference to in other blogs. It’s accessible, and is our built-in guidance system. It is designed to push us forward and help us evolve within our free choice system. It moves us into ascended planet status. We literally have this built-in guidance system to help us navigate our potential. Among many things it can eliminate life-threatening diseases overnight. It can make a tumor disappear which can, of course, be verified by chemical tests, CAT scans and x-rays. For many, these seeming miracles remain inexplicable, but for those in the know, it’s just proof of our body’s innate intelligence and our ability to access our Higher-Selves. It’s a miraculous back-up system.

To access your higher-self, and there are many ways which could include meditation, certain breathing exercises, I would also include kinesiology, a form of muscle-testing. You can also access plenty of information and correct negative sub-conscious programming using EMF ( Emotional Freedom Technique). These are two ways in which you can bypass the conscious mind and access the information through the body’s innate intelligence and your connection to your Higher Self. You can find many videos on line that will guide you through learning these simple techniques.


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