The Donald Scores Again!

As I watch the political drama going on in the media, I find the majority of candidates on both sides don’t seem to understand the concept of truth, honor, and authenticity.  It seems so many are consumed by greed, abuse and fear.

A lack of morality, and sense of entitlement, seem distressing.  However, things are rapidly changing.  We can feel it and experience it as we see people waking up all over the world and demanding justice and an end to violence and corruption.

One of the concepts spiritually conscious people understand is that, whether in business or personal matters, we have to let go of thoughts, prejudice, and words that disparage or limit others.  It is imperative that we refrain from using negative generalities.   As an example, take the speech Donald Trump made about Mexican people coming across the border.  We heard his speech interpreted by a variety of media outlets, unless you were living in a cave or out of the county where it wasn’t pressing news.

I suggest, it’s up to us to take the high road, and refrain from using negative comments about nationality, race, or gender, and use only thoughts and words of honoring and compassion.

Yes, we have a hard time of it as we let slip a judgement here or there, and we certainly we have lots of negative thoughts during the course of a day.  We’re human after all, and programmed to think negatively.

Pay attention to the voice of judgement and negative ego.  Then, simply change the thought in your mind. It is said you have around 15 seconds to change a thought pattern before it begins to imbed itself in your unconscious.  Try taking a few deep breaths and deliberately create a positive thought and bring your frequency up immediately.  Take yourself out of self-imposed bondage and remove the shackles of the primitive fear of survival.  Spread the light. It would be a great service to others and to yourself.


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