Positive Thinking

Did you ever meet someone who was positive all the time; who may even say, “it’s all good” even when confronted by enormous problems?  It’s a rare individual who can believe it’s all good or who seems joyful and happy even in the face of severe obstacles. This type of person makes me pretty suspicious because I sense there is more to them than meets the eye.  They seem totally unrealistic and perhaps even in LaLa Land!

Being human makes us susceptible to feeling ill at ease, anxiety prone or just unhappy at times.  It’s an inevitability that we’re not going to start our day in rapture for our perfect lives.  I’m not saying you should wallow in self-pity if things go pear-shaped.  But, there’s a moment to move on and figure out how to deal with the situation without being psychologically impotent and caught in a downward spiral.

The individual who is always positive may often use it as a cover-up for unpleasant feelings such as anger, sadness, worry and depression.  I think it’s possible that this type of person is just as psychologically unbalanced as the person who overindulges in negative feelings. As Dr. Robert Anthony, suggests in his book, “Secrets of Total Self Confidence“, found on Amazon, “Real life is about feeling the ups and downs and knowing there is something good and positive to be found during our feelings of sadness and disappointment.”

I would agree with that statement.  How else can we contemplate different ways to look at situations and then make positive changes and improvements?  In fact, some of the best decisions we’ve ever made are realized in a time of crisis.  I suggest we acknowledge our feelings and let them happen, in order to work through them as opposed to covering them up and smiling like some zombie on Zoloft.


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